Pastor-teacher Don Hargrove 

Faith Bible Church

Sunday, Dec 20, 2009   

Salvation (Gal 2:16;  Rom  11:6); SL (2 Pet 3:16-18), SM (2 Cor 10:4-5)


GOD’S COVENANTS – Part 29:  The Mosaic Covenant, Part 21:

Suppression of Truth – National Reversionism  vss the Blessings of Christ on Society

                                                                                                                                                            (Messiah & A.C. #275)


A.  Epistemology:  the Word of God, Scripturalism, Bible Doctrine, Revelationism.

            1.   Only the Bible is the Word of God and only through Bible doctrine do we have the whole counsel of God concerning all things necessary for God’s own glory, man’s salvation, faith, and life, Jn 10:35; 2 Tim 3:16-18; 2 Pet 1:20-21.

            2.    Bible doctrine is end result of the exegetical, logical and systematic arranging, connecting, and developing of the axioms and theorems of God’s infallible Word into a whole rational non-contradictory system. 

            3.  The doctrinal system proceeds by rigorous deduction from one axiom to thousands of theorems; each of the theorems fits into the whole system; each of the theorems, even though minor, is important. 

            4.   Christianity/BD is far superior to all forms autonomous human “knowledge” which is rife with the errors of empiricism, rationalism, and intuition.

            5.  Only Bible doctrine relies exclusively on deductive reasoning – all other systems depend upon the fallibility of the senses, the fallacy of induction, and the fallaciousness of creating axioms (a priori) arbitrarily out of thin air. 

            6.  Bible doctrine provides us with absolute truth as it connects the

the axioms of the Word of God along with their good and necessary logical connections so as to provide a total worldview regarding every issue of life before God, man, and the world, 2 Tim 3:16-18.

            7.  Rejection of  Bible doctrine necessarily results in reversionism with its ADOKIMOS mind (Rom 1:28; Eph 4:17-24).

            8.  Any person who rejects God’s truth (unbeliever or believer) will end up exchanging the truth of God for the lie of Satan and in their love for that lie will become active promoters of Satan’s pagan programs, 1 Sam 8; Lk 22:24-26; Rev 2-3.

            9.    Reversionism is degeneracy of soul due to exchanging the truth of God for a lie which sets up a chain reaction of dissatisfaction, frantic search for happiness/meaning, covetousness, idolatry, mammonism, and illicit religious and sexual activity, Col 3:5; Rev 2:20-23.

            10.  The evil in reversionism is not what lie the truth is exchanged for but the very exchange of truth for the lie itself, i.e. it does not matter if the lie is immoral degeneracy or moral degeneracy, sin or human good (cf. Galatians; Jn 8:44). 


B.   Christ, Bible doctrine, and Civilization.

            1.  Christmas and Civilization’s Celebration of Christ’s Birth. 

            2.  Human history and Jesus Christ. 

            3.   The Truth-suppressing pagan world that Christ entered, Rom 1:18-25.

            4.  Christ will return and smash the final one-world government that is currently being established, Dan 2; Rev 13, 19.

            5.    The wonderful influences of Christ and BD on society for the first time through Martin Luther and doctrinal principle of Schriftprinzip. 

            6.     Luther’s return to the Word of God (BD) laid the necessary foundation for the emergence of a free, humane, and truly civilized society for the first time.

            7.  It was return to BD as the Schriftprinzip that lead to the slogan of the Reformation of “the liberty of the Christian man.”

            8.   It was return to BD as the Schriftprinzip that brought true Biblical and societal enlightenment to Europe.

            9.  The Christian doctrinal enlightenment quickly spread to civil governments and lead to a reduction in the size and scope of governments.

            10.   The influence of Jesus Christ through Bible doctrine led to fantastic economic development – a new civilization for the 1st time in human history.

            11.   Through BD, Jesus Christ blessed His people in Western Europe and America beyond anything they could have imagined, and his blessings spilled over into society at large, creating what we now call Western Civilization.

            12.    However, since the late 19th century, Christ and BD increasingly is being rejected by Western Civilization and as a result, there is now a resurgence of paganism with its religious, political, and economic “values,” cf. Rom 1:18-25.

            13.  Christ will return and smash the last powerful kingdom of the one-world government, Dan 2; Rev 13, 19.


C.   History of economics and the Christ’s blessings through Bible doctrine.

            1.  What economics is and is not.

            2.  Aristotelian economics, 1st -16th century.

            3.  Mercantilism. 

            4.  Marxism. 

            5.  Adam Smith, the father of modern economics.

            6.  Laissez-faire – Christian economics of individual choice and freedom.

            7.  Joseph Schumpeter and theory self-destruction of capitalism.

            8.  Austrian Rationalistic Economics.

            9.   Milton Freidman - Chicago school of free enterprise. 

            10.   Modern Keynesian (homosexual/hedonistic) economics. 

            11.   Ethic’s and morality’s impact on economics.

            12.    Laissez-faire capitalism is the economic system that is most compatible with axioms of divine revelation set down in God’s Word (Rom 13; 1 Pet 2:14-15). 

            13.    It was the rise of Laissez-faire capitalism through BD of the protestant work/life ethic that brought the world the most fantastic temporal freedom.

            14.   The Bible clearly teaches the divine right of private property and therefore supports capitalism, Ex 20:15, 17; Mt 20:15; Acts 5.

            15.    In spite of the fantastic success of true capitalism, attacks on capitalism (private property, the marketplace, individual responsibility, individualism, private enterprise) continue at a fever pitch.

            16.  Socialism is not only a reversionistic economic policy, it is a logical impossibility.

            17.  Only in true capitalism is there the recognition of the sacredness of privacy, property, freedom, and life under the rule of law. 

            18.  Only in true capitalism is there a separation of business and the state. 

            19.   Capitalism and free enterprise are consistent with the biblical view of man. 

            20.   Capitalism and free enterprise work best in a society which is influenced by the biblical ethic. 


D.  Truth &   Freedom versus relativism and loss of freedom – and reversionism.

            1.   True personal freedom is incompatible with government security - which requires controls. 

            2.   The 8 building blocks of temporal freedom. 

                        a)  #1, Primacy of the individual.

                        b)   #2, Private property.  

                        c)   #3, The Protestant work ethic.

                        d)   #4, Individual responsibility.  

                        e)   #5, Generosity.

                        f)   #6, Rule of law. 

                        g)   #7,  Federalism.

                        h)   #8, Republicanism.

            3.   When man, believer or unbeliever, fails to orient to Truth, he will necessarily default to relativism and reversionism, with his twin “gods” of personal peace and affluence. 

            4.   In personal & national reversionism there is always a willingness to give up freedom for personal peace & affluence - as well as excuse evil for price of expediency.

            5.    The reversionist with his twin gods of personal peace and prosperity is always more than happy to accept any kind of authoritative government for security – just as long aS it means security for his personal peace and prosperity.  

            6.    The Biblical truths with all their virtues, values, and absolutes demand absolute commitment, 2 Tim 4:1-18.

            7.   Lack of absolute commitment always results in reversionism, 2 Tim 4:10. 

                         a.   The Lord, the POG, and Bible doctrine are relativized, Mt 26:70.

                         b.   Priorities are reversed, 2 Tim 4:10. 

                         c.   Life dominated by the OSN w/degeneracy – Eph 4:17-19.

                         d.   Life of reaction and distraction, Mt 6:31-33; 1 Jn 2:15.

                         e.   Life of FSH, 2 Tim 3:4; Ecc – contra 1 Tim 6:6-7; Philip 4:11.


E.   Massive reversionism in the last days of the Church Age:  lawlessness and rejection of Truth, 2 Thess 2:3, 7. 

            1.  Lawlessness, 2 Thess 2:3, 7.

            2.  Religious ascetic reversionism, 1 Tim 4:1-3.  

            3.  Rejection of the Person and Work of Jesus Christ, 2 Pet 2:1-3 

            4.  Religious hucksterism, 2 Pet 2:15.

            5.  Denial of the Return of Jesus Christ, 2 Pet 3:3-4.

            6.   Hedonistic, narcissistic, emotional, “religious” Christianity, 2 Tim 3:1-5

            7.   Rejection of sound doctrine, 2 Tim 4:3-4.

            8.   Self-confident in self-improvements and attainments, Rev 3:15-16.