Pastor-teacher Don Hargrove

Faith Bible Church

Wednesday, Dec 16, 2009   


Salvation (Rm 5:1-10); SL (2 Jn 1:2-3), SM ( 2 Cor 10:4-5)


GOD’S COVENANTS – Part 28:  The Mosaic Covenant, Part 20:

Suppression of Truth: National Reversionism & Big Government 

                                                                                                                                                                                    (Messiah & A.C. #274)


A.  The sufficiency of God’s Word & uniqueness of Bible doctrine, 2 Tim 3:16-18.

            1.   Only the Bible is the Word of God and only through Bible doctrine do we have the whole counsel of God concerning all things necessary for His own glory, man’s salvation, faith, and life.

            2.    Bible doctrine is the result of the exegetical, logical and systematic connecting, arranging, and developing of the axioms, propositions, and theorems of God’s infallible Word into a whole system. 

            3.    The doctrinal system proceeds by rigorous deduction from one axiom to thousands of theorems; each of the theorems fits into the whole system; each of the theorems, even though minor, is important. 

            4.  The revelation of God is perfect, and it is all profitable.  Take one idea out and the remainder is less than perfect and we suffer loss of truth.  

            5.   Christianity/BD is a system of truth, a person who accepts one of the theorems, must, on pain of contradiction, accept the whole.

            6.   Christianity/BD is a whole view of things thought out together.  It engages non-Christian philosophies on every field of intellectual endeavor.

            7.   Christianity/BD furnishes a coherent and irrefragable theory of knowledge, an infallible salvation, a refutation of preposterous views of autonomous man/kosmos, a worldview, a coherent and practical system of ethics, and the principles required for spiritual, temporal, political, and economic liberty.

            8.   Christianity/BD is far superior to all forms autonomous human “knowledge” which is rife with the errors of empiricism, rationalism, and intuition.

            9.  Only Bible doctrine relies exclusively on deductive reasoning – all other systems depend upon the fallibility of the senses, the fallacy of induction, and the fallaciousness of creating axioms (a priori) arbitrarily out of thin air. 

            10.  Bible doctrine provides us with absolute truth as it connects the

the axioms of the Word of God along with their good and necessary logical connections  so as to provide a total worldview regarding every issue of life before God, man, and the world, 2 Tim 3:16-18.

            11.  Crisis of our time: the Postmodern Christian man’s lack of confidence in the sufficiency of the Bible coupled with his realization of failures of all other forms of knowledge leads to despair concerning ever discovering absolute Truth. 

            12.  Rejection of Truth always results in ADOKIMOS mind (Rom 1:28) and living under the deception of Satan himself, Eph 2:1-2.

            13.  When Christians reject God’s truth, they actually become promoters of Satanic policies in the world, cf.  Jer 6:14; 8:11; Eze 13:10, 16; Galatians, RCC.


B.   Reversionism.

            1.   Reversionism is a technical theological term used for the degeneracy that takes place in a person’s soul by the suppression and rejection of God’s absolute truth.   

            2.   In reversionism the person becomes detached from God’s Truth (i.e. meaning and purpose of life) and this sets up a chain reaction:  dissatisfaction, frantic search for happiness/meaning, covetousness, idolatry, mammonism, and illicit religious and sexual activity, Revelation 2:20.

            3.   The dominate characteristic of all reversionism is the rejection of God’s Truth, especially Bible doctrine (Jn 8:44; Rom 1:18-25; 16:17; Galatians; 2 Tim 4:4; 2 Pt 2:22), and the exchange of that truth for the lie of kosmos diabolicus.

            4.   Historically the corruption of reversionism with its domination through the OSN and rejection of BD has manifested itself in illicit religion  and illicit sex thereby destroying the blessedness of spirituality as well as God’s plan for sex as an expression of love, unity, and intimacy (body, soul, and spirit) between a husband and his wife. 

            5.  The evil in reversionism is not which lie the truth is exchanged for but the very exchange of truth for the lie itself, i.e. it does not matter if the lie is immoral degeneracy or moral degeneracy, sin or human good (cf. Galatians; Jn 8:44). 


C.   National Reversionism and Big Government (BG). 

            1.  Only the Bible is the WOG; and only Bible doctrine gives us absolute truth regarding the purpose and place of government.

            2.    BG is both the result of, and punishment for, reversionism, 1 Sam 8:8.

            3.   When people reject invisible God as their king and BD as their authority, they will move into statolatry as they exchange the protection and guidance of invisible God and BD for visible human kings and powerful governments – which become their ersatz gods; 1 Sam 8:8; 10:19; 12:17-19; Lk 22:24-26.      

            4.  God warns us that BG always ends up taking, taking…, 1Sam 8:1-18.

            5.    In reversionism the citizens clamor for a “change” of government rather than eliminating the real problem:  corrupt officials – they blame the system of government itself (like capitalism) instead of the problem corrupt cronyism. 

            6.  God’s warns us that BG will lead to excessive militarism and compulsory military and government service- instead of focusing in on the protection of freedom and property of its citizens at home, cf Dt 20:5-8.

            7.   God warns us that BG will take your children, 1 Sam 8:13.

            8.   God warns us that BG will take your property, your capital, 8:14. 

            9.   God warns us that BG will take your money to give to its supporters, 8:15.

            10.  God warns us that BG will take your employees & means of production, 16.

            11.  God warns us that BG will take you as its servant, 17b.  

            12.    When a nation moves into reversionism it exchanges the truth of God’s plan for government where the rulers are to be servants of the people to the pagan plan where the rulers exercise dominion over the people, 1 Sam 8:19-22; Lk 22:24-26.


D.   Principles on the military and warfare. 

            1.   Although government is not to make military service compulsory (Dt 20:5-8), serving in the military is one of the greatest honors for any person. 

            2.   There is a time for war and a time for peace, Ecc 3:8.

            3.    In spite of man's efforts for peace, warfare will continue until the millennial reign of Christ, Matt 24:6; Mk 13:7; Lk 21:9. 

            4.   Strong defense deters aggression & helps to preserve peace, Luk 11:21-22.

            5.   Refusing to fight for one’s country can be a sin against God – a sin that has serious long lasting ramifications, Num 32:23.

            6.   The 6th commandment does not prohibit killing in warfare. 

            7.   War and military service are not incompatible with the words and character of JC, Josh 5:13-6:2; Jn 2 Rev 19:11-16;

            8.    Many great believers were in military service,

            9.    The best way to end a war is to win it decisively,

            10.  Jesus Christ holds the record for killing the most in warfare.


E.   Government:  Biblical vss anti-Christian economic policies.

            1.   Aristotle’s politics.

            2.   Mercantilism and Big Government. 

            3.   Karl Marx’s “scientific” prediction of the fall of capitalism.

            4.   Adam Smith, the father of economics.

            5.   Joseph Schumpeter and the self-destuction of capitalism.

            6.   Epistemological failure of empirical economics.

            7.   Epistemological failure of rationalistic economics (Austrian school).

            8.   Our modern (short term, homo) economic policies of John Keyne’s.

            9.    The superiority of Biblical economics. 

            10.    Laissez-faire capitalism is the economic system that is most compatible with axioms of divine revelation set down in God’s Word (Rom 13; 1 Pet 2:14-15). 

            11.    It was the rise of Laissez-faire capitalism through BD of the protestant work/life ethic that brought the world the most fantastic temporal freedom.

            12.   The Bible clearly teaches the divine right of private property and therefore supports capitalism, Ex 20:15, 17; Mt 20:15; Acts 5.

            13.    In spite of the fantastic success of true capitalism, attacks on capitalism (private property, the marketplace, individual responsibility, individualism, private enterprise) continue at a fever pitch.

            14.  Socialism is not only a reversionistic economic policy, it is a logical impossibility.

            15.  Only in true capitalism is there the recognition of the sacredness of privacy, property, freedom, and life under the rule of law. 

            16.  Only in true capitalism is there a separation of business and the state. 

            17.   Capitalism and free enterprise is consistent with the biblical view of man. 

            18.   Capitalism and free enterprise works best in a society which is influenced by the biblical ethic.