Pastor-teacher Don Hargrove

Faith Bible Church

Sunday, Nov 22, 2009   


Salvation (Eph 2:5; Jude 1:19; 1 Pet 1:23; 1 Cor 2:12); SL (Zech 4:6; Jn 15:4-5; Gal 5:22-23), SG (Philip 3:12-14)


GOD’S COVENANTS – Part 24:  The Mosaic Covenant, Part 16:

Bible Doctrine, Divine Institutions, Capitalism, and Freedom 

                                                                                                                                                                                    (Messiah & A.C. #270)


A.   Laws of Divine Establishment (DE).    

            1.   From natural law written in the heart of man to the 5 laws of DE.

            2.   While God has ordained the 5 laws of divine establishment for the protection and blessing of both the believer and unbeliever in society, man’s proclivity is to suppress the truth about God and pervert His laws of DE, Rom 1:18-32.

            3.  Since man has a sinful propensity to distort those laws of divine establishment (written in the heart of man), it is critical for every Christian to understand, develop, and orient to these laws and their principles as recorded in God’s Word.

            4.   The United States of America is currently the 5th cycle of degeneracy and  suffering under Divine discipline, Dt 28; Lev 18; 26; Rom 1:18-32; Isa 5:20.

            5.   We are living in the era of impending death of Western civilization

                        a)   The 19th century’s “death of God” (Nietzsche).

                        b)   The 20th century’s postmodern “death of Truth.”

                        c)   C.S. Lewis and the Abolition of Man. 

                        d)   Francis Schaeffer’s line of despair.

                        e)   The coming death of man and its horrid consequences.

                        f)    Society’s only hope is a return to the God of the Bible. 


B.    Understanding and Appreciating Bible doctrine as the Complete Philosophy.

            1.  Bible doctrine as the Philosophy. Propositional revelation alone (PRA)

                        a)   Epistemology:  PRA … Bible tells me so

                        b)   Soteriology:  PRA… Justification by faith alone...believe in the LJC!

                        c)   Hodology:  PRA… spiritual life through unhindered Holy Spirit.

                        d)   Metaphysics:PRA…in Him we live and move & have our beings.

                        e)   Ethics:  PRA…we ought to obey God rather than man.

                        f)    Politics: PRA… Constitutional republicanism….Proclaim liberty!                                             

                        g)   Economics:  PRA…Laissez-faire capitalism:  Have I not the right to do what I will with my own?..Thou shalt not steal.  Thou shalt not covet.  

            2.  The WOG is the only totally sufficient  guide to all of life , 2 Tim 3:16-17.                                            

                        a)   The authority of Scripture. 

                        b)   The inerrancy of Scripture

                        c)   The clarity of Scripture

                        d)   The power of Scripture

                        e)   The meaning of Scripture.  

                        f)    The superiority of Scripture, 2 Cor 10:5.

            3.   The whole counsel of God concerning things necessary to honor and glorify God in all things is either expressly set down in Scripture or by good, and necessary consequence may be deduced from Scripture, Mt 4:4; 2 Cor 10:5; 2 Tim 3:16-17.

            4.   Growth in doctrine or inept defense and consequent demise of Christianity. 

            5.   The failure of human/secular epistemologies to discover Truth.

                        a)   #1  Experience.

                        b)   #2  Common sense.    

                        c)   #3   Philosophy. 

                        d)   #4   Pragmatism – i.e. some form of human success.

                        e)   #5   Intuition.

                        f)    #6   Circumstances.  

                        g)   #7 Existentialism – Christian and secular in foreign policy. 

            6.  Christian axiom or humanistic axiom?

            7.  Biblical doctrinal system is deductive, in contrast to all other systems.

            8.   The issue for the pastor-teacher is to spend his entire life in developing, constructing, and teaching the Biblical view on every issue of life, 2 Tim 2:15.        

            9.  Every believer has the right to expect to get the biblical viewpoint.

            10.  It is incumbent upon any believer who disagrees or opposes any views taught from the pulpit to develop and build the correct view from the Word of God.  

            11.   It is critical for every believer to build his entire worldview regarding every issue of life on the Word of God.

            12.   Biggest problem today is that the post-doctrinal Christian man has been so influenced by the skeptical philosophies of the world that he no longer has confidence that the Bible can adequately guide him to Truth in all areas.

            13.   Since the post-doctrinal Christian has rejected the Bible for absolute authority in regards to economics, government and politics, he necessarily turns to himself for authority and answers (e.g. Protagoras, Kiergeegard).

            14.  The skeptic Christian (about sufficiency of Scripture) deep down really is a dogmatist who neither intends nor is able to defend his dogmas.

            15.   The post-doctrinal Christian, having rejected the Bible for absolute authority, turns to empiricism, rationalism, existentialism with the result that many have become socialists, communists, utilitarians, pragmatists, and Marxists who reject capitalism – freewill, individual responsibility, consequences. 


C.   Overview of the Laws of Divine Establishment.                    

            1.   #1   Freedom.   

            2.   #2   Marriage, Gen 2:18, 2:23.

            3.   #3   Family.   

            4.   #4   Limited Government, Rom 13:1-7.  5 types of government:

                        a)   Anarchism (Tolstoy, David Friedman).

                        b)   Natural/Family (Aristotle, the RCC).  

                        c)   Social Contract  (Hobbes, Locke, Rouseau). 

                        d)  Power (Spengler, Oliver Wendell Holmes)

                        e)   Christian view: divine institution of limited power, Rom 13:1-7.

            5.   #5   Nationalism.


D.   Divine instution #1:  Freedom and Capitalism.

            1.   Maximum temporal freedom has only existed and is only possible in  nations which have recognized the values of private property and capitalism. 

            2.   Private property is central to economic theory and development.

            3.   Laissez-faire capitalism is the economic system that is most compatible with God’s Word (Rom 13; 1 Pet 2:14-15). 

            4.   The Bible clearly teaches the right of private property and capitalism, Ex 20:15, 17; Mt 20:15; Acts 5:1-5.

            5.   In spite of the fantastic success of true capitalism, attacks on capitalism continue at a fever pitch.

            6.  Socialism as an economic system is a logical impossibility.

            7.  Only in true capitalism is there the recognition of the sacredness of privacy, property, freedom, and life under the rule of law. 

            8.  Only in true capitalism is there a separation of business and the state. 

            9.  Capitalism and free enterprise is consistent with the biblical view of man. 

            10.  Capitalism and free enterprise works best in a society which is influenced by the biblical ethic.  


E.   Truth &  Freedom versus relativism, reversionism, and loss of freedom.

            1.   True personal freedom is incompatible with government security.

            2.   The 8 building blocks of temporal freedom: 

                        a)  #1, Primacy of the individual.

                        b)  #2, Private property.   

                        c)  #3, The Protestant work ethic. 

                        d)  #4, Individual responsibility. 

                        e)  #5, Generosity.

                        f)   #6, Rule of law.  

                        g)  #7,  Federalism.

                        h)   #8, Republicanism.   

            3.   When man fails to orient to Truth, he will necessarily default to relativism and reversionism, with his twin “gods” of personal peace and affluence. 

            4.   In personal & national reversionism there is always a willingness to give up freedom for personal peace & affluence - as well as excuse evil for price of expediency.

            5.    The reversionist with his twin gods of personal peace and prosperity is always more than happy to accept any kind of authoritative government for security – just as long aS it means security for his personal peace and prosperity.  

            6.    The Biblical truths with all their virtues, values, and absolutes demand absolute commitment, 2 Tim 4:1-18.

            7.   Lack of absolute commitment always results in rev., 2 Tim 4:10. 

                         a)   The Lord, the POG, & Bible doctrine are relativized, Mt 26:70-75.

                         b)   Priorities are reversed, 2 Tim 4:10. 

                         c)   Life dominated by the OSN, Eph 4:17-19.

                         d)   Life of reaction and distraction, Mt 6:31-33; 1 Jn 2:15.

                         e)   Life of FSH, 2 Tim 3:4; Ecc – contra 1 Tim 6:6-7; Philip 4:11.