Pastor-teacher Don Hargrove  

Faith Bible Church

Sunday, October Nov. 1 , 2009   


Salvation (Eph 2:1-10; Col 1:13); the SL (1 Cor 1:9; Eph 5:13-18), spiritual maturity (Rm 12:2; Js  1:8; 4:4-6)


GOD’S COVENANTS – Part 18:  The Mosaic Covenant, Part 10:

Communism’s Rejection of Natural Law  

(Messiah & A.C. #264)


A.   Mosaic Law and historical summary of pagans doing “the things of the law by nature,”  (ἔθνη τὰ μὴ νόμον ἔχοντα φύσει τὰ τοῦ νόμου ποιῶσιν) throughout human history and the dire consequences of any attempt to dismantle, corrupt, or pervert man’s innate God-given sense of natural law, Rom 2:14-15. 


            1.   The Mosaic Law with its 613 commands was given directly by God to nation of Israel alone and covers three aspects of life, Lev 26:15.


            2.   However, God also writes gnomic principles of the Mosaic Law into the soul of every man, Rom 2:14-15.  


            3.   The rise and fall of all nations correspond perfectly to how man responds to three gnomic areas of truth (Rom 1:18-25; Lev 18; Gen 13:13; 18:26) within the framework of the five divine institutions. 


            4.  Historical testimony to innate Law and the laws of divine establishment.  

                        a.   The rise and fall of ancient Empires.

                        b.    Medea vss Antigone.

                        c.    Aristotle, “law is reason without passion.” 

                        d.    Plato’s Republic:  the State is the Big Family; eugenics.

                        e.    Cicero, “the law is neither a thing to be contrived by the genius of men nor established by any decree of the people but a certain eternal principle which governs the entire universe wisely commanding what is right and prohibiting what is wrong, therefore they call the original and supreme law the mind of God.” 

                        f.    Rome – summary of the rise, decadence and fall of Rome. 

                        g.   Marcus Aurelius on virtue.

                        h.   Communism’s rejection of natural law and natural rights. 

                        i.    Modern America’s supplanting of natural Law with positive law. 

                        j.    When natural law is rejected, man loses all unalienable rights.

                        k.  With the destruction of man’s natural rights, man becomes a slave as he no longer lives under law but under the whims and caprices of man. 

                        l.   Due to the doctrinal influence of the Reformation, the English lived under Law while at the same time (during the “Enlightenment”) the French rejected the Bible and natural law and ended up with uncontrollable bloodbaths.


            5.  Nations and people who responded positively with their consciences to these three categories of Law/Truth were blessed, while those who suppressed and distorted these intuitive laws/truths became degenerate and were cursed as per  the 5 cycles of discipline, Gen 15:16; Lev 18; Acts 17:26-27; Jn 3:19-21.

                        a.  The 5 stages of personal and national degeneracy, Rom 1:18-25.

                        b.  The 5 cycles of discipline on a nation, Lev 26:16-27. 

                        c.   Judgment on Gentile nations for violation of natural law, Lev 18.


B.   Communists’ rejection of God, natural law, divine institutions, and their plan to destroy America (cf. Naked Communist by Skousen).

            1.  The Four Major Premises of Communism.

            2.   45  Communist Goals to takeover America.

            3.   The 25 fallacies of Communism.


C.   The 5 divine institutions: 

            #1   Freedom, Lev 25:10; Jer 34:13, 17; 2 Cor 3:17; Jn 8:34; Rom 8:21.

            #2   Marriage, Gen 1:28; 1 Cor 7:2; Heb 13:4.

            #3   Family:

                        a)  Leadership, 1 Cor 11:3; Eph 5:23; Ex 20:12; Eph 6:12; Col 3:20.     

                        b)  Guidance/instruction, Eph 6:4; Prov 4:1-2, 10-11; Dt 6:5-7; 11:18-21.

                        c)   Provision, Mt 7:9-11; 1 Tim 5:8.

                        d)   Security.

                        e)    Individualism.

                        f)   Threats to the family.   

            #4  Limited Government, Gen 9:6; Rom 13:1-5; 1 Pet 2:14; 1 Tim 2:2.

            #5  Nationalism, Gen 11.                   


D.   Lawlessness and apostasy in the last days of the Church Age, 2 Thess 2:3, 7. 

            1.  Lawlessness, 2 Thess 2:3, 7.

            2.  Religious ascetic reversionism, 1 Tim 4:1-3.  

            3.  Rejection of the Person and Work of Jesus Christ, 2 Pet 2:1-3 

            4.  Religious hucksterism, 2 Pet 2:15.

            5.  Denial of the Return of Jesus Christ, 2 Pet 3:3-4.

            6.   Hedonistic, narcissistic, emotional, “religious” Christianity, 2 Tim 3:1-5

            7.   Rejection of sound doctrine, 2 Tim 4:3-4.

            8.   Self-confident in self-improvements and attainments, Rev 3:15-16.


E.  Protection against apostasy and the lawless influences of our day. 

            1.  Continue living out the spiritual life, 2 Tim 3:10. 

            2.  Do not be surprised at the testings in life, 2 Tim 3:12.

            3.   Stay in doctrine, 2 Tim 3:14-17; Mt 4:4.

            4.   Focus on God’s plan for your life, 2 Tim 4:6-8.

            5.   Do not be distracted by believers in KD, 2 Tim 4:10.

            6.  Continue to lean on the Lord for strength,  2 Tim 4:17-18.