Pastor-teacher Don Hargrove

Faith Bible Church

Wed., September 22, 2010


Preparation for Bible class: Salvation, Heb 10:10-14.  Fellowship with God,  1 Cor 10:31.  Spiritual maturity 1 Cor 13:11.





A. The blessed life of spiritual wisdom in times of suffering.  


            1. Christians have been given the unique privilege of suffering for blessing, Philip 1:29, Heb 2:10; Js 1:3-4; Philip 3:10; 1 Pt 2:20-21; Acts 5:41; 1 Peter.


2.  Suffering for blessing [life of wisdom] is accompanied with courage, confidence and divine peace, Jn 16:33. 


            3.  Avoid thinking that your suffering is unique, 1 Cor 10:13.


4. Suffering/adversity is necessary to produce spiritual character, Rom 5:3-5.


5.  Suffering for blessing is designed to produce eternal rewards, Rom

8:18; 2 Cor 4:16-18, Rev 2-3.


6.  Only suffering can produce the attitude of Biblical humility (grace orientation) and wisdom, 2 Cor 12:7-10; Ja 1:2-4.


7. The aim of suffering is to bring you closer to Christ, Phil 4:11-13.


8.  Panorama of suffering in First Peter. 


a.  Suffering for blessing is designed to refine and develop of your faith (living in reality of B.D), 1:6-7.


b. Suffering for blessing is designed to refine and develop your royal priesthood, 2:19.


c. Suffering for blessing is designed to refine and develop your ambassadorship, 3:14-16.


d.  Suffering for blessing is designed to refine and develop your commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ, 4:12-14


e.  Suffering for blessing is designed to develop greater strength, stability, and maturity in your life, 5:9-10.


B.  David’s testing (1 Sam 16-19) and the first recorded instance of him moving into the sinfulness and evil of fear, 1 Sam 20:3.


            1. After passing a barrage of tests, David falters and moves into the evil and sinfulness of fear, 1 Sam 20:3.


            2. God has not given any believer a spirit of fear, 2 Timothy 1:7.


            3.  There is no fear when God is your Constant Companion and you live in the reality that He is your ever-present faithful shepherd, Psa 23; Jn 10:10-11.


            4.  Fear is a sign of spiritual illness— that will eventually lead to psychological and mental illness, 1 Sam 18:12; Psa 53:5; Luke 21:26.


            5.  Fear is caused by prioritizing & worrying about the details of life, Mt 10:29-31.


            6. Fear of witnessing for Christ is a demonstration of disorientation to the POG, Jn 7:13.


7. Satan keeps people in slavery through fear of death, Heb 2:15.


8. People live in fear of being rejected, Gal 2:12.


9. Old age and fear, Ecc 12:1-7. 


10. The believer should not fear the wicked, Psa 18.


11. The believer should not be afraid when he hears bad news,  Isa 37:6.


12. Lack of relationship with God causes fear, Gen 3:10.


            13. In times of fear, it is imperative for the believer to get his eyes on the Lord and His plan/Word instead of the problem, Ex 14:10-14.


            14.  The Bible commands us not to be afraid precisely because the Lord is with us and will give us divine strength,   Isaiah 41:10.


15.  It is through faith in the promises and realities in the Word of God that enables us to overcome our fears, Heb 11:27


            16. You never need to live in fear of any person, Heb 13:6;  Psa 56:3-4.


            17.  There is no need to fear because God is always in control and will never give you more than you can handle, 1 Cor 10:13;  Philip 4:13.


            18.  Since God has already given us the best, we need never fear that He will ever withhold what we need to handle any difficulty, Rom 8:30-32.


            19.  God raises up spiritual leaders to teach His people the Word of God so they will not live in fear, Jer 23:4; Eph 4:11-16.


20.  What makes fear so sinful is that it is nothing short of lack of faith and trust in God, Rom 14:23; Mt 14:30, Exodus generation.


            21.  God repeatedly promises to take care of you,  Isa 35:4;  Dt 20:1;  Neh 4:14; Josh 1:9; Lk 12:24.


22. Fear can only be a blessing if it really drives you to the Lord, Gen 32:9-12; Luke 8:50; Mat 8:26; Psa 34:4; Heb 13:6; contra Gal 2:12.