Pastor-teacher Don Hargrove

Faith Bible Church

Sunday, August 8, 2010


Salvation, Eph 2:8-9.  Spirituality, 1 Cor. 2:10-15. Spiritual Maturity, Eph 3:20.


LIFE OF DAVID – Part 43 – the Postmodern Spin of Homosexuality



1 Sam 18:1-4 and the postmodern spin of homosexuality

            1. The relationship between David and Jonathan has nothing to do with homosexuality, and it is only because of our perverted times does the postmodern man feel that it refers to homosexuality.

            2. Everyone comes with a built in bias (presuppositions); the only question is if that bias is shaped by Satan & his kosmos or by God and His Word, Rm 12:2.

            3. The Bible teaches, and history confirms, that homosexuality is “unnatural” and is characterized by “degrading passions,” Rom 1:26.

            4. The Bible and empirical evidence show that homosexuality is personally and socially destructive.

            5.  It is important that the believer face the reality of the rise of homosexuality in America and understand its nature and the radical agenda. 

            6. The problem with a “live and let live” attitude is that there is a strong movement in our country to force all citizens to accept homosexuality as a legitimate lifestyle.

            7. We have every right and duty as human beings to resist the effort of the homosexual community to establish their lifestyle as legitimate because it is an attack on natural law as reflected in divine institution #2 and #3

            8. The contemporary state of decay in America and breakdown of marriage and the family are due, in no small part, to the radicalism of the homosexuality. 9. Homosexuality is not a civil-rights issue. 

            10. There are only 2 ultimate options regarding the origin of life, evolution and creationism, and in both systems homosexuality is not normal behavior. 

            11.  Heterosexuals also have rights.  Those who oppose homosexuality should have the right: (1) not to have homosexuality forced upon their sentiments by the government, businesses, or society, (2)  not to pay for the advancement of the homosexual or homoerotic agenda, (3) not to be subject to the homosexual brainwashing of their children in the government schools, and (4) not to have a reduction of funds for research of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s because of homosexual diseases.

            12.  Homosexual activists must propagate a number of myths to advance their agenda (i.e.  10% of population is homosexual, homosexuality occurs in the animal kingdom, homosexuality is genetically endowed, homosexuals cannot be changed,  gay=happy and fulfilled, et al.).

            13.  The American Psychiatric Association’s changed its designation of homosexuality from the status of mental and emotional illness to normal due to political pressure and not science.

            14.  There is the continuing conviction among most dynamically oriented psychiatrists that homosexuality can and should be changed to heterosexuality.

            15. One of the most destructive myths is that a homosexual cannot be changed into a heterosexual (contra empirical and 1 Cor 6:9-10).   

            16. The fact that a homosexual can be changed back to a heterosexual has vast documentation in both the secular world as well as in Christianity.

            17. Homosexuality can be changed because fundamentally it is an emotionally based identity disorder called “gender-identity deficit.”

            18. By removing homosexuality from the category of being unnatural,  enormous harm is inflicted on the homosexual as well as others in society.

            19. The removal of homosexuality from the category of aberrancy was also a blow to the established psychoanalytic knowledge of human sexual behavior— as scientific diagnosis was eliminated in order “to correct political injustices.”

            20. With the removal of homosexuality from the psychologist’s manual of disorders, all of the psychologists who wish to retain homosexuality as a valid diagnosis are silenced.

            21. This psychiatric nonsense continues to bring enormous tragedy.

            22. There are powerful biblical and natural reasons why nowhere is homosexuality ever a desired end in itself.

            23. The only counteraction against the forces of the homosexual movement is  knowledge that heterosexuality is normal sex orientation- not homosexuality.

            24.  The Christian should understand that homosexuality destroys families and society just as the two other major sexual sins destroy families and society.       

                        25.  Although the Bible condemns physical/sexual love between two members of the same sex, it is legitimate in the eyes of God for two members of the same sex to have a rich soul love, 1 Sam 18:1-3.

            26.  There are three broad categories of love in the human race; in each category there must be capacity for love: #1, Love for God; #2, Love for RM/RW #3, Love for others, including friendship love, Prov 17:17; 18:24.   

            27.  Friendship love is a wonderful bonafide relationship of souls, free from hypersensitivity and hypocrisy, which have the integrity and capacity and desire to honor, give in grace, share lives, and remain faithful, 1 Sam 18:1-4. 

            28. Human love can be corrupted & destroyed by lack of integrity as reflected in MAS-SOT activity, Job 19:19, Prov 16:28; 17:9.


1 SAM 18:2-8: the supergrace promotion of David and jealousy of Saul

            1.  The supergrace promotion of David, 18:2-7.

            2.  The perniciousness of jealousy as a sin and evil, Num 5:11-31.

            3. Jealousy destroys intimate love between husband and wife, SOS 8:6.

            4. Jealousy leads to reversionism & psychosis, 1 Sam 18:8-10, Prov 27:3-4.

            5.  Jealousy leads to revenge and thus intrudes upon the justice of God, Prov 6:34; Rom 12:19. 

            6.  Jealousy motivated the religious leaders to have Christ crucified, Mt 27:18, Mk 15:10.

            7.  Reversionism is always characterized by jealousy, Rom 1:28-29; Js 3:14, 16; 1 Tim 6:4.