Pastor-teacher Don Hargrove

Faith Bible Church

Wednesday, June 30, 2010


††††††††††††††† The Word of God, 2 Tim 3:16-17.Salvation, John 5:24; 3:36.Fellowship, 1 Jn 1:5-6.Spiritual maturity, 2 Cor 10:3-5.



The Road of David vs. the Road of Saul

Mental wellness vs. Mental illness


A.†† There are only two roads before every man as illustrated by David & Saul.

††††††††††† 1.The road of David is one of persistent fellowship with God (Psa 16:18; 1 Sam 16:18), empowerment by God the Holy Spirit (13), and continual edification in Bible doctrine (Psa 1, 19).

††††††††††† 2.Because of continual fellowship with God and growth in Bible doctrine, David was blessed with an ECS, moved into OWC, gained the keys to life, and increasingly enjoyed a most fantastic life that was above all he could have asked or imagined, Ps 23.††

††††††††††† 3.†† Saulís road is one of the self-directed carnal life: a life of rejection of continual fellowship with God, rejection of the directives of the Word of God, which all resulted in a life of divine discipline and disharmony resulting in a host mental and psychological disorders which he attempted to cure or mollify through sublimation, 1 Sam 16:15,23.


B.A look at some of some of the most prominent mental and psychological disorders among believers today due to rejection of Bible doctrine, the Spiritual life, and the Plan of God, 1 Sam 16:15, 23.

††††††††††† 1.Apart from fellowship with God and adjustment to the Word of God the believer will, like Saul, suffer under the heavy hand of God which includes among other things a troubling/vexing spirit that develops a host of mental and psychological problems due to intrapsychic disharmony and conflicts.

††††††††††† 2.Spiritual, mental and psychological disharmony in many believers today is at an all time high, and this can be traced back to lack of biblical spiritual dynamics as well as lack of a sound doctrinal life.

††††††††††† 3.†† Failure to have an active, thriving spiritual life will result in a host of intrapsychic conflicts that rage on and beneath the conscious level due in no small part to garbage in the subconscious which only doctrine and the salubrious ministry of the Holy Spirit can cure.

††††††††††† 4.At the top of the list of mental and psychological disorders is anxiety (lack of a sense of peace, strength, stability, and SSE) which begins with normal apprehensions but can develop into trait anxiety and then into neurotic anxiety.

††††††††††† 5.†† All types of mental disorders have one thing in common: debilitation of mind.†††

††††††††††† 6.There are only two solutions to all non-organic mental disorders: life under the salubrious ministry of the Holy Spirit and life according to the Word of God.††††

††††††††††† 7.Only fellowship with God enriches and blesses our daily life, only the Holy Spirit gives us the power to overcome our evil nature(self-centered life) and only the Word of God provides the direction and edification for a healthy mind.

††††††††††† 8.†† When we live the SL we live for the Lord, and when we live for the Lord then we avoid a host of problems that plague the entire human race.

††††††††††† 9.While there are thousands sublimations offered by the world, none are curative, and sooner or later they all fail and will leave a person empty, unfulfilled,and miserable, Amos 6:5-7; Isaiah 5:12.

††††††††††† 10.This does not imply that there is anything wrong with music, entertainment, or any of Godís creature comforts that provide enjoyment and relaxation in life óthe problem is only when they are used to deal with a disharmonious spiritual life.


C.God sets the stage for His man in times of historical crises, 1 Sam 17:1-11.††


D.†† Gaining divine victory over fear through biblical faith

††††††††††† 1.†† Fear is manifestation of spiritual failure, 1 Sam 17:11; Mk 4:36‑40; Mat 14:30; 25:25-30; Gal 2:12; Mk 9:32; Heb 2:14-15.
††††††††††† 2.†† In human viewpoint, man has plenty to be afraid of for heďis born into trouble:Ēinto a broken, evil, and dangerous world, Job 5:7; 1 Jn 5:19; Eph 6; 1 Pet 5:8.

††††††††††† 3.††† Fallen man generally does not fear what he should fear (i.e. Hell) & fears what he should not fear (losing his ďstuffĒ &the approbation of others), Heb 10:31.

††††††††††† 4.††† Fear destroys the spiritual life and brings a host of mental and psychological problems, Job 4:14‑15; Js 1:8.

††††††††††† 5.It is Godís will for all believers to be delivered from fear, and He has a plan to deliver them from all earthly fearsóand that plan revolves around Him, Josh. 1:5-6; Psa 91; 1 Pt 5:7.

††††††††††† 6.Failure to trust God in times of fear will prevent the believer from advancing into the promised life, Num 13:27-14:9; 1 Cor 10:11.

††††††††††† 7.The solution to all fear always comes down to biblical faith, Mat 14:22‑33.

††††††††††† 8.God intends for us to parlay our all of fears into biblical trust, Psa 56.

††††††††††† 9.†† Fear that is not parlayed into trust leads to despondency and depression, 1 Kings 19:1‑18.

††††††††††† 10.†† Recovery from fear, anxiety, and depression is only possible by returning to the God of the Bible, Gen 15:1; Heb 13:6; Psa 56:4; Deut 20:3‑4; 31:6; Psalm 27:14; 37:7; 91; 55:22; 56:3; Prov 2:8; 3:5‑6; Isa 26:3; 30:15; 41:10;40:29‑31;2 Chron 20:15; Jn 16:33; 1 Cor 10:13.

††††††††††† 11.†† Faith in Godís providential care removes fear of earthly dangers, Mat 10:31.

††††††††††† 12.†† Faith in God ís provision of the HS removes fear of inability, John 14:26-27; 2 Timothy 1:7.

††††††††††† 13.†† Faith in Godís PPOG removes fear of the uncertain future, Heb 11:23-27.

††††††††††† 14.†† Faith in Godís unconditional perfect love removes fear of condemnation, 1 John 4:18.

††††††††††† 15.†† Faith in Godís provisions removes fear of suffering, Heb 11:6; Rev 2:10

††††††††††† 16.†† Faith during times of unjust suffering removes fear of injustices, 1 Pet 3:13-15.

††††††††††† 17.†† Faith in Godís providence removes fear from sudden dangers, Prov 3:25-26.

††††††††††† 18.††† Faith in the presence of God removes fear of death, Psa 23:4; 2 Cor 5:8; Heb 2:14-15;

††††††††††† 19.†† Faith in the Word of God removes fear related to advancing into the promised life especially in the face of intense pressures and opposition, Joshua 1:5-9.

††††††††††† 20.Faith in the promises of God not only removes fear but brings a plethora of spiritual dynamics and blessings, Prov 3:5; 4:7-9; Psa 34:8, 19, 55:11, 22, 22; Dt 31:8; 1 Peter 5:7.