Pastor-teacher Don Hargrove

Faith Bible Church

Wed., June 16, 2010



            Discipleship and Truth, John 8:31-32.   Salvation,  Rom 10:1-2.   Fellowship, 1 Jn 1:6-9; Rom 6—8.  Spiritual maturity, 2 Cor 10:4-5.





A.   David’s fellowship/sanctification, 1 Sam 16:18 cf.

            1.  God was continually with David (fellowship) as reflected in 1 Sam 16:18 -  and this was the case for most of David’s life.

            2.  However, God was not with David (fellowship) for about one year as reflected in 2 Sam 12; Psa 32; 51.

            3.  It was David’s OSN that destroyed his fellowship with God and nearly wrecked his entire spiritual life, 2 Sam 12.

            4.   The OSN has always been the greatest spoiler of the believer’s relationship with God – and David was well aware of this danger, cf. Psa 19:12-13.          

            5.   It is imperative for the believer to gain victory over the OSN before he wrecks his life and destroys not only his relationship with God but with his family and friends as well.  


B.  The importance of Romans 6—8.

            1.   The believer has three enemies, three full time attacks, on his SL.

                        a.  The world, 1 Jn 2:15-16; Js 4:4-6.

                        b.  The flesh, Rom 6—8; Gal 5:16-17

                        c.  The devil, Eph 6:10-19.

            2.   Romans 6—8 provides more doctrine on how the Christian is to neutralize the OSN than any other passage in the Word of God.

            3.   Romans 6—8 provides the believer with the mechanics of how to live with the Person and thus the power of the Risen Lord Jesus Christ. 

            4.   Romans 6—8 makes the key to a victorious spiritual life identification with Jesus Christ.

                        a)   Our judicial identification with Christ, Rom 6:1-11.

                        b)   Our servant identification with Christ, Rom 6:12-22

                        c)   Our marital identification with Christ, Rom 7:1-6.

                        d)   Our need for identification with Christ, 7:13-25.  

                        e)   Our spiritual identification with Christ via HS, Rom 8:1-5.

            5.   Romans 6—8 is the doctrinal masterpiece on how to live the victorious Christian life.


C.   Romans 6 – our judicial and servant identification with Christ..

            1.   Going from justification to sanctification – phase 1 to phase 2. 

            2.   After justification-salvation the believer needs to know how to advance in sanctification-salvation which requires the neutralization of the POWER of OSN.

            3.   A new mindset:  our identification with Christ is the key to neutralizing the OSN; it is this identification with Christ that enables us to live with the risen Christ, Ro 6:1-10 .

            4.   Step #1:  The importance of knowing – doctrinal knowledge, Rom 6:6, 9.

                        a)   Knowing the new relationship we have in JC, 1-14.

                        b)   Knowing the new principle in life which governs us, 7:13-25.

                        c)   Knowing the new freedom, 6:20. 

                        d)   Knowing the new power, 8:1-17. 

            5.   Step #2:  the importance of reckoning: adding up the facts, 6:11.

            6.   Step #3:  the importance of presenting ourselves to God, 6:13, 15.

            7.   Understanding the difference between Paul’s 2 questions in  Rom 6:1, 15.

            8.   There are only two courses of life open to every man, woman, and child:  the life of obedience to the OSN or to God Himself, Rom 6:16.

            9.   The issue always comes back to conformity to Christian doctrine, 6:17.

            10.   The Christian has been freed from the slave market of sin, 6:18.


D.  Our marital identification union with Christ, Rom 7:1-6.



E.  The need for identification with Christ:   the helplessness and frustration of the Christian who attempts to live the CWL by his own power, Rom 7:13-25.



F.   Our spiritual union with Christ through the enabling power of the Holy Spirit, Rom 8:1-8.