Pastor-teacher Don Hargrove

Faith Bible Church

Wednesday, April, 14, 2010


Preparation for Bible Class:  Understanding pure Christianity.

            1.   Salv, 100% work of God received by believing in Christ, Jn 3:16; Eph 2:8-10.

            2.   Biblical Spirituality, Gal 5:16-23.

            3.   Biblical Spiritual Maturity, Eph 4:12-16, contra 1 Cor 3:1-4. 

LIFE OF DAVID – Part 13 




A.  1 Samuel 8:1-3; 16:1-2, More principles on national reversionism and its relation to “the times of the Gentiles,” pivots, and client nations .

            1.   Root cause of national reversionism always comes down to – volition to the laws of DE, the gospel of Jesus Christ, and Bible doctrine, Hos 4:1-6. 

            2.   Historical overview of the fulfillment of God’s prophetic warning of the 5 cycles of discipline on the Jews for national reversionism (Lev 26).

                        a)  Israel went out under the 5th cycle of discipline in 721 B.C.                                 b)  Judah went out under the 5th cycle of discipline in 586 B.C.

                        c)  Judea went out under the 5th cycle of discipline in 70 A.D.

            3.  Biblical prophecy, principles, and trends for the “Times of Gentiles” (a time when the Jewish nation is under divine discipline) have been confirmed throughout history and will continue until Christ returns.

                        a)  The gospel will be preached throughout the world, Acts 1:8.

                        b)  Jews will continue under divine discipline and suffer persecution by the Gentiles until the times of the Gentiles are fulfilled, Luke 21:24.

                        c)   There will be continued warfare until the Lord comes, Mt 24:5ff;

                        d)   There will be five respective decay stages of national degeneration in reversionistic gentile nations, Rom 1.

                        e)   There will be doctrinal believers in gentile nations who will act as preservatives (“salt”) of those nations, Mt 5:13.

                        f)   When there are a significant number of doctrinal believers in a national entity that nation becomes in effect God’s client nation and as such is under special divine blessings and divine protection.

                        g)    There are 6 responsibilities of a client nation:  separation of church and state, evangelization of its own citizens, communication of Bible doctrine to its own citizens, responsible custodian of God’s Word, safe haven for the Jews, and the sending out of missionaries to evangelize other nations.

                        h)   Historical overview of client nations throughout history.

                                    1)   Roman empire,  70-476. 

                                    2)   Goths, 3th and 4th centuries.

                                    3)   Scots in Ireland client nation in the 5th and 6th centuries.

                                    4)    Franks, 5th-6th, 8-9th century.

                                    5)    Vikings during the 10th century.

                                    6)    Germany and Switzerland under Luther and Calvin, 16th. 

                                    7)    Sweden under Gustavus Adolphus,  17th

                                    8)     France under the Huguenots, 16th-18th

                                    9)     Brandenberg Prussia under Frederick the Great, 18th.

                                    10)    Victorian England, 19th.

                                    11)    United States 18-21st.

                        i)   In the Times of the Gentiles, the church age will end with most Christians rejecting Bible doctrine (2 Tim 3:1-5; 4:1-4; 2 Thess 2:7-12) and thus moving into reversionism just like the Jews did.  

                        j)  Regardless of the condition or fate of any nation; God always keeps and protects a faithful remnant for Himself, Rom 11:5; Rev 3:4; Psa 37.  


B.   1 Sam 16:3-12, God’s selection of supergrace believer David during times of national reversionism.

            1.   Jesus Christ controls history and is ALWAYS working behind the scenes to provide deliverance for His nation,  Rom 13:1;  Heb 1:3;  Col 1:16.

            2.   Reversionistic people always operate out of stupid human viewpoint when it comes to picking a leader, 1 Sam 16:7; 1 Cor 3:1-5; Gal 3:1.

            3.   Only BD can bridge the gap between DV and HV, Isa 55:5-11.

            4.    God’s examination of man’s heart & the issue of PLG & escrow blessings.                           

                        a)   Understanding personal love for God.

                        b)   The priority of God’s love, Mt 22:37; Col 1:18.

                        c)   Destruction of the believer’s love for God begins by placing love for God below other loves (2 Tim 3:2): i.e. self, pleasure, money, occupation,  spouse.                            

                        d)   Love for the KD always destroys PLG, 1 Jn 2:15-16.

                        e)   Evidence of PLG translates to love for WOG, Jn 14:23-24.                                             

                        f)   The release of all of the personal fantastic escrow blessings are contingent upon PLG, 1 Cor 2:9.

            5.  Only God’s promotions are true promotions - if God does not promote you then you are not REALLY promoted, 2 Sam 7:8.

            6.   True Greatness is never on the outside.


C.  1 Sam 16:13, Understanding the ministry of the Holy Spirit - then and now.

            1.  There is a huge difference between the ministry of the Holy Spirit in the Old Testament and the New Testament, Jn 7:39; 14:17;  16:12-15; Eph 4:30; Psa 51:11.

            2.  The ministry of the HS in the OT was very limited.

            3.  The ministry of the HS could be removed if the believer moved into reversionism whereas in the CA, He never leaves the believer, 1 Sam 16:14; Psa 51:11.

            4.  The limited ministry of the HS in the Old Testament dispensation became operational through the FRL, Heb 11; Zech 4:6; Num 27:18.

            5.  Further enablement from the Spirit could be received by praying for the Holy Spirit, 2 Kings 2:9-10; Luke 11:13.

            6.  Christ sent the Spirit upon the disciples for this further enablement to sustain them for 50 days until the day of Pentecost – Day of permanent indwelling, Jn 20:22.

            7.  Once the church age began, every believer is permanently indwelt by the Holy Spirit, Jn 7:37-39.