Pastor-teacher Don Hargrove 

Faith Bible Church

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Pure unmixed Christianity:  Salvation  (Jn 3:18; Eph 2:8-10 ; Rom 3:28);the  Spiritual life (1 Cor 3:16; Jn 14:6;   Eph 4:30; 1 Thess 5:19;  Eph 4:30); Maturity:  the supergrace life (Rom 12:1-2; Eph 3:20; 1 Cor 2:9).



Edification Complex of the Soul & Supergrace or Reversion

Understanding the two options for your life:  Supergrace or Reversionism



A.   The supergrace life.  

            1.  God desires for every believer to move into the supergrace life, the life of fantastic capacity, Js 4:6; Isa 30:18; Eph 3:20; 1 Cor 2:9;  Num 14:8; Lev 20:24;

            2.  The supergrace life is only possible through the construction of the edification complex of the soul – a structure made up of Bible doctrine, Acts 20:32; Eph 4:12-16; Eph 3:14-20.     There are 5 major floors in this structure.

                        a.   #1:  Grace orientation, Rom 11:6; 1 Corinthians 15:10.

                        b.   #2:  Mastery of the details of life – power, Eph 3:14.

                        c.   #3:  Agape, spiritual love, Eph 3:17.

                        d.   #4:  Development of capacity for love (#1, #2, #3), Eph 3:18.

                        e.   #5:  Maximum happiness, Eph 3:20; Psa 23:5.

            3.   The supergrace life is all about capacity: capacity for life, capacity for love, and capacity for adversity, Psa 23; 3 Jn 2.

            4.   God’s doctrinal edification building program for the heart, Acts 13:22.

                        a.   Edification of mind - biblical thinking,  Prov 23:7; Prov 18:15; Eph 1:18.

                        b.   Edification of the frame of reference.  

                        c.   Edification of the memory center, cf. Lam 3:20-24.

                        d.   Edification of the conscience,  Rom 13:5, 2 Tim 1:3, 1 Pet 3:14-16.

                        e.   Edification of the norms and standards, Jer 17:5, 8.

            5.    In spite of all of the supergrace blessings and the fantastic happiness God provides for every believer in the PPOG, most believers reject the POG and consequently move into reversionism – all because they BELIEVE they know what is best for them and BELIEVE they will be happier doing their own thing.

            6.  The Bible is filled with examples of personal, national and international reversionism. 

            7.   In times of great evil and reversionism, the only hope for deliverance is through supergrace believers, cf.  1 Sam 9:16; Acts 13:22; Ez 14:14-20; Mt 5:13.


B.    National reversionism in the days of Saul and David, 1 Sam 8:7-8.

            1.  National reversionism; the transition from judges to a monarchy; and how the two kings (Saul and David) fit into the POG, 1 Sam 8.

            2.    Reversionistic King Saul. 

            3.    Supergrace David.


C.   The nature and madness of negative volition and reversionism, 1 Sam 8:7-8.

            1.   Reversionism is a technical theological term used to describe the spiritual deterioration and degeneration that accompany negative volition to God’s Truth; national reversionism is spiritual apathy, retrogression, and torpor on a national scale.

            2.   Negative volition is always about refusal of Bible doctrine. 

                        a)  Refusal to place yourself under the authority of Bible teaching on a daily basis; the rejection of your right PT & his authority, Heb 13:7, 17; Gal 6:6. 

                        b)  Refusal to transfer the gnosis of Bible doctrine to epignosis, Heb 4:2.

                        c)  Refusal to appropriate the promises of WOG,  2 Pt 1:4; 2 Cor 7:1.

                        d)  Refusal to confess known sins, Psa 32:1-5.

                        e)  Refusal to live by God the Holy Spirit, Eph 4:30; 1 Thess 5:19. 

                        f)   Refusal to be consistent/faithful to all Bible teaching, 2 Sam 12:9.

                        g)  Refusal to put BD before the DOL and reactor factors of life, Mt 4:4.

                        h)  Refusal to allow BD to be the criterion of your worldview.

                        i)   Refusal of BD eventually leads to incapacity to receive Truth Jn 8:43-45; Jn 12:37-40; Rom 11:7-8; 2 Thess ; Rom 1:18-32; 2 Cor 3:14-16; 4:3-4; Eph 3:16ff.

                        j)   Refusal of BD leads to acceptance of doctrines of demons, 1 Tim 4:1.                           

                        k)  Refusal of BD leads to enslavement of KD & the destruction of personal love for God, 1 Jn 2:15-16; Rom 12:3; 2 Jn 8-9; Eph 4:18-19, .

                        l)   Refusal of BD on a large scale leads to national reversionism.      

            3.    The 5 stages of degeneracy of national reversionism, Rom 1:18-32.

                        a)    #1   Suppression of Truth about God, 1:18-22.

                        b)    #2   Worship of creation, 1:23.

                        c)    #3   Degrading passions, i.e. homosexuality & lesbianism, 1:26.

                        d)    #4   Depraved minds filled with all kinds of vile MAS, 1:28-31.

                        e)    #5   PC:  Calling good evil and evil good, 1:32; Isa 5:20. 

            4.   In national reversionism of a client nation of God, there are 7 failures:                                     

                        a)   #1   Failure to evangelize its own population at home.    

                        b)   #2   Failure to communicate BD to the believers in the nation.

                        c)   #3   Failure as custodian of Bible doctrine.

                        d)   #4   Failure to provide a haven for the Jews.

                        e)   #5   Failure to send out missionaries to evangelize other nations.     

                        f)    #6   Failure in the area of limited government.

                        g)   #7   Failure properly orient to government.

            5.  In national reversionism there is a breakdown in integrity among the citizens, politicians, as well as the clergy,  Jer 6:13-14; Eze 13:10-16;  

            6.   Jesus Christ controls history which means that He controls the rise of positive nations and the fall of reversionistic nations – the only hope for any nation is positive doctrinal believers. 

            7.  In reversionism God allows the people to get what they want and so they can choke on the fruit of their own old sin natures and perhaps then return to POG.

            8.  In reversionism, the believer loses all capacity to worship the invisible God – due to the fact that he does not have BD resident in his soul from which to worship God. 

            9.    God judges reversionistic nations from within and from without, Lev 26; 1 Sam 18:19.