Pastor-teacher Don Hargrove 

Faith Bible Church

Wednesday, Jan 13, 2009   

Salvation (Romans and Galatians ); SL (Romans and Galatians), SM (Romans and Galatians)


Law, Government, Economics, & Capitalism

(Series: GOD’S COVENANTS – Part 31:  Mosaic Law, Natural Law, & Government)

                                                                                                                                                                                    (Messiah & A.C. #277)


A.  Understanding the metaphysics of economics.

            1.  Law, government, property and economics.

            2.  What economics is not…  

            3.  What economics is….

            4.  The truth about all secular economics, cf. Ludwig Von Mises.


B.  The historical failure of secular economics.

            1.  Aristotle & Roman Catholic Church (323 B.C. – A.D. 1870).   

                        a.  Barrenness or infertility of money.

                        b.  The immorality of interest-taking.

                        c.  The notion of equality in exchange. 

            2.   Failure of Empirical Economics (Smith, Friedman, Popper).        

            3.   Failure of Rationalistic Economics (Menger, Mises, Austrian school).


C.  The Promise of Christian Economics.

            1.  Uniqueness of Christian economics.

            2.  Axiom #1:  Man chooses.   

            3.  Axiom #2:  Only individuals choose.

            4.  Axiom #3:  Men act in their own self-interest, Gen 25:32; 1 Sam 12:19-21; Prov 10:2; 11:4; Jer 2:11; Mt 5:29-30; 6:19-21; Mark 8:36; Gal 6:6-9; Rom 9:13;  1 Cor 9:24-27; 13:3;  Col 3:23-25;  2 Tim 2:11-13; 4:8; Heb 12:2; 1 Jn 2:28; Rev 2:17; 3:21.

            5.  It is the deductions from these axioms which give us the biblical laws of supply and demand.


D.   Assaults on Capitalism. 

            1.   It was true capitalism, that first emerged from the Protestant biblical ethos, that brought freedom and wealth to individuals and societies on a scale unheard of in human history - as well as raised the moral standards of society.

            2.   The right to own property and dispose of it as you wish is Biblical right  and is essence of  laissez-faire capitalism, Ex 20:15, 17; Mt 20:15; Acts 5:1-5.

            3.  Assaults on capitalism from social action, doctrineless churches.

            4.  Assaults on capitalism by Socialism.

            5.  Assaults on capitalism by the Roman Catholic Church (cf. Rerum Novarum).

            6.   Assaults on Capitalism for being “unjust.”

            7.  Only in true capitalism is there the recognition of the sacredness of privacy, individuality, property, freedom, and life under the rule of law. 

            8.  Only in true capitalism is there a separation between business & state. 

            9.    It is the collectivists with their forced/politicized charity who always end up first destroying freedom and then the people who do not walk lockstep with the State.

            10.   The Constitution, the American way, the rule of Law, and Biblical rights versus collectivism and welfare.


E.   Government, statolatry, and loss freedom.

            1.   True personal freedom is incompatible with government security.

            2.   Statolatry is one of the most pernicious evils for modern man to overcome.

            3.  In Statolatry man looks to government as his god and is willing to give up freedom for temporal security.

            4.   The 8 Biblical building blocks for temporal freedom in any state: 

                        a)   #1, Primacy of the individual.

                        b)   #2, Private property. 

                        c)   #3, The Protestant work ethic.

                        d)   #4, Individual responsibility. 

                        e)   #5, Generosity. 

                        f)    #6, Rule of law.  

                        g)   #7,  Federalism.

                        h)   #8, Republicanism.   

            5.   When man, believer or unbeliever, fails to orient to Truth, he will necessarily default to relativism and reversionism, with his twin “gods” of personal peace and affluence. 

            6.   In personal & national reversionism there is always a willingness to give up freedom for personal peace & affluence - as well as excuse evil for price of expediency.

            7.    The reversionist with his twin gods of personal peace and prosperity is always more than happy to accept any kind of authoritative government for security – just as long as it means security for his personal peace and prosperity.  

            8.    The Biblical truths with all their virtues, values, and absolutes demand absolute commitment, 2 Tim 4:1-18.

            9.   Lack of absolute commitment always results in rever., 2 Tim 4:10. 

                        a.   The Lord, the POG, and BD are relativized, Mt 26:70-75.

                        b.   Priorities are reversed, 2 Tim 4:10. 

                        c.   Life dominated by the OSN  accompanied w/degen. – Eph 4:17-19.

                        d.   Life of reaction and distraction, Mt 6:31-33; 1 Jn 2:15.

                        e.   Life of FSH, 2 Tim 3:4; Ecc – contra 1 Tim 6:6-7; Philip 4:11.


F.   Massive reversionism in the last days of the Church Age:  lawlessness and rejection of Truth, 2 Thess 2:3, 7. 

            1.  Lawlessness, 2 Thess 2:3, 7.

            2.  Religious ascetic reversionism, 1 Tim 4:1-3.  

            3.  Rejection of the Person and Work of Jesus Christ, 2 Pet 2:1-3 

            4.  Religious hucksterism, 2 Pet 2:15.

            5.  Denial of the return of Jesus Christ, 2 Pet 3:3-4.

            6.   Hedonistic, narcissistic, emotional, “religious” Christianity, 2 Tim 3:1-5

            7.   Rejection of sound doctrine, 2 Tim 4:3-4.

            8.   Self-confident in self-improvements and attainments, Rev 3:15-16.