Panorama of the Angelic Conflict throughout human history the historical Chess Match between God and Satan and God's final checkmate.


            1)   Eternity past:   Eternality of the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit. 

            2)   Creation of the heavens, Gen 1:1.

            3)   Creation of Lucifer and all angelic beings, Ez 28.

            4)   Creation of original perfect earth, Job 38:4-7.

            5)    Lucifer's ministry on the original earth, Ez 28:12-16.

            6)   Rebellion and Fall of Satan while on perfect earth, Isa 14:12-15. 

            7)    Judgment, devastation, and darkness on the earth, Gen 1:2.

            8)    Sentencing of Satan & perhaps opportunity of grace, Col 1:20.

            9)     Preparation of Lake of Fire for Lucifer, Mat 25:41.

            10)   Satan's countercharges and appeals to God.

            11)   God's postponement of execution of judgment on Satan. 

            12)    God's move: six day restoration of the earth, Gen 1:2ff.

            13)    God's move:  creation of Adam and Evil, Gen 2:8-15:  

            14)    Focal point of angelic conflict:  man's volition. 

            15)    Satan's move:  tactical victory through the Fall of Adam & Eve.

            16)    Satan's tactical victory would prove to be his own downfall in that he provided God a platform to demonstrate the compatibility of divine love, justice, and righteousness. 

            17)   Satanic tactical victories gain in Gen 3.

                        a)    Gains rulership over the earth, cf. Mat 4.

                        b)    Brings about the spiritual death of man. 

                        c)    Brings about the physical death of man.

                        d)    Transfers man from kingdom of God into kingdom of Satan.

                        e)    Destroys man's freedom and right of rulership over the earth. 

                        f)    Destruction of perfect environment.

                        g)   Gains opportunity to make his case as god of this world.

            18)    God's move:   Manifestation of justice and love through the promise of a Redeemer who would regain all that man lost, Gen 3:15.

                        a)   Redeemer would conquer Satan.

                        b)   Redeemer would suffer.

                        c)   Redeemer would provide regeneration for man.

                        d)   Redeemer would provide immortality through resurrected body.

                        e)   Redeemer would provide entrance into the kingdom of God

                        f)    Redeemer would regain rulership of the earth (millennium)       

                        g)   Redeemer would provide perfect environment (millennium)

            19)    Satan's move:  murder of Cain to prevent the coming of the Redeemer, the Seed of the Woman.

            20)    God's move:  another son:   Seth.

            21)    Satan's move:  corruption of the human race, Gen 4-5.

            22)    God's move:  Enoch, Gen 5:22.

            23)     Satan's move:  demonic infiltration into the human race, Gen 6.

            24)     God's move:  Flood and Noah.

            25)     Satan's move:  Tower of Babel.

            26)     God's move:   Diversity of languages.

            27)      Satan's move:  Religion and polytheism.

            28)     God's move:  calling of Abraham.

            29)     Satan's move:  temptation of Abraham.

            30)    God's move:  Israelites into Egypt.

            31)    Satan's move:  attempted annihilation of all Jews, Ex 1:8-22.

            32)    God's move:  Moses and 10 plagues.

            33)    Satan's move:  motivated Pharaoh to go after Israelites.

            34)    God's move:   exodus.

            35)    Satan's move:  paranoia and panic - "bitter" water. 

            36)    God's move:  provision.

            37)     God's move:  The Mosaic Covenant.

            38)     Satan's move:   Golden Calf.

            39)     God's move: Kadesh Barnea.

            40)     Satan's move: terror in hearts of Israel, unbelief. 

            41)     God's move: new generation under Joshua.

            42)    Satan's move:  compromise and decadence, Judges 21:25.

            43)     God's move:  positive volition of Samuel

            44)     Satan's move:  Samuel's evil sons and the clamor for a king.

            45)     God's move:  Saul.

            46)     Satan's move:  Saul's apostasy and demonism.

            47)     God's move:  David and the Davidic covenant.

            48)     Satan's move:  Attack David through temptations.

            49)     God's move:  Solomon

            50)     Satan's move: apostasy of Solomon.

            51)     Satan's move: apostasy of Israel and Judah.

            52)     God's move: 5th cycle of discipline on Israel and Judah.

            53)     Satan's move:  attempt to destroy all the Jews

            54)     God's move: return and restoration under Persia

            55)     Satan's move: attempts to stop the rebuilding of the Temple.

            56)    God's move:  prophets with clearer prophecies of the Messiah.

            57)    Satan's move: persecution of the prophets

            58)    God's move:  Alexander the Great and Koine Greek,

            59)    Satan's move:  Antiochus' persecution of the Jews.

            60)    God's move:  Romans with law, order, and roads.

            61)    God's move:   Incarnation of God-man, Jesus Christ.

            62)    Satan's move:   attempt to kill Baby, tempted Jesus to bypass the Cross,   distortion of message of grace,  crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

            63)   God's move: Cross,  provision of salvation for the world, imputation of the sins of the world, resurrection of JC.

            64)    Satan's move:  anti-Semitism, corruption of the church, Acts 5; persecution of the church, Roman persecution, Nero

            65)  God's move:  tremendous power, growth, and witness of positive believers to spread the gospel, apologetics  by apostles, Ignatius, Martyr, Aristides, Tatian, Athenagoras, Theophilus and Irenaeus

            66)   Satan's move:  merge the state and church, 324 A.D., Christianity becomes superstitious and paganized

            67)    God's move:  biblical apologetics by the likes of Tertullian, Athanasius, Ambrose, and Basil the Great, St. Augustine, Boethuis.

            68)   Satan's move:  St. Augustine's rejection of kingdom and doctrine of double predestination.

            69)     Satan's move:  creation of Islam.

            70)    God's move: small remnant of positive believers and biblical apologetics by Anselm, Peter Abelard, Albert the Great, Thomas Aquinas, and Bonaventure.

            71)     Satan's move:  inquisitions and persecution of Bible believers.

            72)     Satan's move:   Renaissance (1350-1650) to get man absorbed with the temporal life.

            73)    God's move:   Used Renaissance as tool for preparation of the Reformation.

            74)    God's move:  Reformation, remnant of doctrinal believers, apologetics by Tyndale, Knox, Zwingli, Martin Luther, John Calvin,  Blaise Paschal. Leibniz, Paley, 

            75)    Satan's move:  Counter Reformation (1545-1563) to stop reformation of the catholic church

            76)    Satan's move:   internal attacks against Protestantism as per the rationalism, empiricism, and deism of Descarte, Spinoza, Hume, Kant, Hegel, Nietzsche,

            77)    God's move:   counteraction movement in Germany.  Moravian believers and the spread of the gospel to millions. 

            78)    Satan's move:  Kant's (1724-1804) undermining of special revelation, Hegel's (1831) undermining of an inerrant Bible, and Schleiermach's (1768-1834) existentialism,

            79)  Satan's move:  Higher Criticism in Germany.

            80)    Satan's move:  fascism and atheistic communism

            81)   Satan's move:  Darwinian evolution.

            82)    God's move:  19th century missionaries and remnant of Bible teachers, and development of systematic theology.  

            83)   Satan's move:  liberal Protestantism as per Barth, Bultmann, .

            84)   God's move:  evangelicalism and fundamentalism, apologetics by C.S. Lewis, Gordon Clark, Cornelius Van Til, Copleston

            85)    Satan's move:  corruption of evangelicals and fundamentalists, anti-intellectualism.

            86)   Satan's move:  ecumenical movement and neo-orthodoxy, and deification of man, positive  thinking.

            87)    God's move:  Biblical apologetics as per Walter Martin, Montgomery, Francis Shafer, William Lane Craig, Gary Habermas, J.P. Moreland.

            88)    Satan's move: corruption of mainline Christianity with programs, psychology, and spiritual apathy, new age Christianity, fideism, 1 Tim 4:1ff;  2 Tim 3:1ff.

             89)   God's move:  rapture of the church.

             90)    Satan's move:  anti-Christ becomes world ruler, United Nations; sits on the throne in the temple as God, 2 Thess 2:4.

            91)    God's move:  Satan cast out of heaven, halfway through the tribulation.

            92)  Satan's move:  attempted annihilation of believers and all Jews.

            93)    God's move: sealing of 144,000 and judgment on negative volition.

            94)    Satan's move:  last move to destroy Israel, Armageddon.

            95)    God's move:  2nd Advent of JC, salvation of Israel, beast and false prophet cast into the lake of fire, Satan imprisoned for 1,000 years.

            96)    God's move:  set up 1,000 year millennium and special rewards for "winner" believers (overcomers).

            97)    Satan's move:  after 1,000 years he is released and gains allegiance for a world wide rebellion against Jesus Christ. 

            98)   God's move:  Judgment of Satan and all unbelievers, Great White Throne.

            99)  God's move:  Destruction of heavens and earth

            100)    God's final move:  Checkmate:  Eternal state and blissfulness for believers, Satan and unbelievers in the lake of fire forever.