Song of Solomon, “…jealousy is cruel as the grave.”


1.  So great was the sin of jealousy that the whole Levitical offer was used for it:  Num 5:11-31.   It is the only offering designed for one sin only – it is the jealousy offering.  There are two types of jealousy in Numbers 5:


            a.  Jealous, and you have a right to be – it is really going on


            b.  Jealous, and it is all in your imagination.


2.  Jealousy is the basis for destruction of category 2 love, SOS 8:6.


3.   The same jealousy which destroys category 2 love also destroys the function of the soul, Job 5:2; Prov 14:30.  This is why some people are psychotic, and why some people are neurotic.  You can become mentally ill by perpetuating jealousy.


4.  Jealousy, therefore, is the strongest of the mean attitude sins, Prov 27:3-4.  (where it is compared with anger, it is stronger than anger – remember anger can do many horrible things).


5.   Love precedes jealousy.  Before you can be good and jealous in category 2, you have to have category 2 love, Ecc 9:6.  You are not jealous of those for whom you care nothing.     


            a.    You can be jealous of people you despise.


            b.    And the one you love.


 6.  Jealousy motivates revenge: Prov 6:34.   Therefore jealousy takes real or apparent wrongs out of the Lord’s hands and intrudes on the divine prerogative of judgment, Rom 12:19; Dt 32:35.  


The Bible says, “Vengeance is mine, I will repay,” jealousy says “forget it Lord, I’ll take care of it.”


7.   Jealousy actually splits nations, like Israel.  Ephraim was jealous of Judah, Isa 11:13.


8.  Jealousy was the motivator of the religious leaders who crucified Christ, Mt 27:18, Mk 15:10.   Isn’t that interesting?  What does that say about religiosity?


 9.  Jealousy over authority of Joseph motivated his brothers to sell him into slavery, Acts 7:9.    This is true today, anyone in authority always has x number of people who are jealous.


10.   Negative volition manifests itself in jealousy, Rom 1:28-29.


11.  Jealousy rejects the teaching of Bible doctrine, Acts 13:45; 17:5.


12.   False doctrine produces jealousy, 1 Tim 6:4.   Note:  jealousy and envy are synonymous with each other.