A.   The word for “divorce” implies the “freedom to remarry.”


B.   BIBLICAL DIVORCE gives the right of remarriage.


C.  Divorce was permitted under the Mosaic Law.  One exception, point 5, verses 3-4.


D.   In the Old Testament, the man always divorced the woman.   However, the principle applies both ways.


E.   Biblical Background:  Detut 24:1-4.


            1.    Verse 1:  “some uncleanness”:  Adultery and desertion.  Under the Mosaic Law, divorce was abused, distorted because there were many reasons for uncleanness, Mal 2:11-17; Lev 5, 7,  10, 11, 13; Num 19; Dt       23.


            (A man who wanted to get rid of his wife would get her to touch some dead   animal or the clothes of someone who had died, or go to a funeral.  He

            would then immediately send for a judge and declare his wife unclean.)


            2.   Verse 2: BIBLICAL DIVORCE MEANS THE RIGHT TO REMARRY.”… she may go and be another man’s wife.”


            3.    Vss 3-4:   EXCEPTION.  She may not remarry #1 if there is marriage in between, even if #2 dies or divorces her legitimately (i.e. vs 2 concept).  


                        a.   Verse 3:  “latter husband”: Husband #2.


                        b.   Verse 4:  “former husband”: Husband #2.  


                                    “After that she is defiled”: Defiled in the mind of husband #1; husband #1 is short-circuited sexually (psychic) because she has been with another man.  She is not defiled so fare as her                                                                second marriage – but in regard to her first husband she is defiled.


                                    land to sin”:  Maximum number of incompatible marriages.  The sin will take many forms: homosexuality, lesbianism, and bestiality.



F.   Divorce is permitted in the New Testament under certain conditions.  (Two believers or two unbelievers in marriage.)


            1.   Adultery:  Mt 5:32; 19:9.


            2.   Desertion:  1 Cor 7:15.


            3.   Victim of divorce gimmick, Dt 24:2.


            4.   Victim of spouse’s abuse, Dt 24:3.


G.    If the marriage bond in broken in a mixed marriage, God only allows it to be done by the unbelieving partner, 1 Cor 7:15.  Mixed marriage is when a believer marries an unbeliever – this is the most horrible combination possible!